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BN7 Big Power “Naturally Aspirated” with No Power Adders!


2006-2013 Z06


600 BHP - Phase 1
650 BHP - Phase 2
700 BHP - Phase 3
750 BHP - Phase 4

The NEDHEAD systems are unique in the ability to consistently produce superior performance results without the need for traditional power adders such as superchargers & turbo chargers. The superior all motor power performance of the SUPERCAR NEDHEAD BN7 Phase 1-2-3-4 Performance Enhancement systems are proven to increase LS7 engine power by 100 to 200+ horsepower, naturally aspirated, with no power adders.

BN7 Phase 4 Systems for the LS7 engine equipped Z06 Corvette also develop an amazing 100 more horsepower than the Supercharged ZR1 Corvette. BN7 NEDHEAD Performance Enhancement Systems - More naturally aspirated power than a standard street supercharged engine.

SUPERCAR NEDHEAD BN7S WEAPONS SERIES Cylinder Head Systems are also available for Supercharger performance enthusiast who have a need for extreme speed with superchargers rated at power levels that exceed 900 Horsepower. See NEDHEADS BN7S Weapons Series


2006-2013 LS7 ENGINES

BN7 NEDHEADS are designed to develop a massive 200 HP increase for the LS7 engine, naturally aspirated without any power adder.
505 BHP to 700+ BHP



SUPERCAR NEDHEADS BN7 systems can produce more horsepower, naturally aspirated than a supercharged engine.
BN7 capable of 750 BHP & 600 RWHP


Custom Modification $3000 to $5500

Supercar NedHeads prices are based on 4 performance level systems. Our custom modified cylinder head systems are made to produce superior power.


The BN 7 heads are a direct bolt on replacement cylinder head that fits the LS7 engine and accepts all standard LS7 components, including LS7 rocker arms, intake manifold, exhaust and rocker covers. BN7 Chamber size 4.125” length requires minimum LS engine block cylinder bore diameter of 4.125” for proper cylinder head to engine block fitment.

The BN7 utilize a 12° valve angle with 2.25 diameter intake valves and 1.614 exhaust valves. The intake port flows over 400 CFM and the exhaust port flows over 260 CFM which represents a 65% intake to exhaust flow relationship, ideal ratio for a maximum performance naturally aspirated engine application. BN7 has Bronze Valve Guides for improved valve stem wear.

DYNO TESTS: NEDHEAD BN7 Corvette Z06 vs. Stock Z06 & Supercharged ZR1

Z06 Corvette Dyno Tests Results:

NEDHEAD BN7 Corvette Z06 vs. Stock LS7

Comparative Analysis of BN7 NEDHEAD Phase 4 System and stock LS7 engine demonstrates that the BN7 Phase 4 system increases LS7 engine power from 414 horsepower to 616 wheel horsepower on Mustang Chassis Dyno Tests.

BN7 NEDHEAD Phase 4 system increases LS7 engine power by 200 HP which represents 49% increase in maximum horsepower. The maximum horsepower range is extended by 1000 RPM from 6300 RPM for the stock LS7 engine to 7300 RPM for the BN7 NEDHEAD System.

200 HP more maximum power and extends power range by 1000 RPM.

Z06 Corvette Dyno Tests Results:

NEDHEAD BN7 Corvette Z06 vs Stock Supercharged ZR1

The extraordinary power of the naturally aspirated SUPERCAR NEDHEAD BN7 SYSTEM is demonstrated in comparison to the Supercharged ZR1 Corvette on Mustang Chassis dynamometer tests. The Z06 Corvette equipped with the NEDHEAD BN7 Phase 4 System produces 100 horsepower more than the Supercharged LS9 engine in the ZR1.

The naturally aspirated LS7 engine in the Z06 Corvette, equipped with the BN7 NEDHEADS Phase 4 System, produces 22% more horsepower than the supercharged LS9 engine in the ZR1.

BN7 NEDHEAD System - more power than a supercharged engine.


BN7 Cylinder Head Intake Port Flow Test

BN7 NEDHEAD vs. Stock LS7 Cylinder Head

Comparative Analysis of BN7 NEDHEAD Intake Port Flow

BN7 Cylinder heads flow over 400 CFM through the intake port, which is 30 CFM more flow than the production CNC ported LS7 cylinder heads.

Technically, increasing intake airflow by 1 CFM can increase engine power by .25 horsepower per cylinder, which represents a 2 horsepower increase in an 8-cylinder engine. Improving intake airflow by 30 CFM can increase engine power by 60 HP (30 CFM x 8 cylinders’ x .25 = 60HP).

To achieve this power potential, the engine must have good, unrestricted airflow through the complete air intake system. The engine also requires the right camshaft profile and compression ratio to maximize the power potential of the intake airflow.

NEDHEAD Systems are developed as a complete system with custom designed camshaft profiles, ported throttle body and ported intake manifold and compression ratios that optimize engine performance

BN7 Cylinder Head Exhaust Port Flow Test

BN7 NEDHEAD vs. Stock LS7 Cylinder Head

Comparative Analysis of BN7 NEDHEAD Exhaust Port Flow

BN7 Cylinder heads flow over 265 CFM through the exhaust port, which is 40 CFM more exhaust flow than the production CNC ported LS7 cylinder heads.

Technically, exhaust port should be at least 65% of intake port airflow to optimize the engines intake to exhaust flow ratio, required to produce efficient engine power and performance.

To optimize the efficiency of engine exhaust flow, the complete exhaust system must be unrestricted with the best exhaust system for the power level desired. The engine also requires the right camshaft profile with the best exhaust valve lift and duration to work as a complete and balanced engine system.

NEDHEAD BN7 Systems are developed with the best custom camshaft profiles, exhaust headers and exhaust systems with high flow catalytic converters.

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